Bali Entry Requirements 2023: The Complete Guide


Authorities in Bali have implemented new entrance regulations to facilitate the travel process for visitors. One significant change is the elimination of the requirement for RT-PCR tests before departing from their origin.

Additionally, the mandatory health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment and evacuation has been lifted. Another favorable adjustment is the removal of quarantine measures for arriving tourists. Furthermore, individuals who are fully vaccinated are now exempt from the need to provide proof of being disease-free before entering Bali and traveling to various places in Bali.

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Bali Entry Requirements 2023 with Visa on Arrival

Bali entry requirements (source:pexels)
Bali entry requirements (source:pexels)

Starting from September 23, 2022, nationals from 86 different countries can now avail visa-on-arrival upon their direct arrival in Bali. A comprehensive list of these countries can be checked here: Bali Visa on Arrival Guide.

However, other travelers must obtain a Visit Visa B211A Bali. It is advisable to check with your country’s embassy for specific entry requirements. Additionally, visitors must present proof of onward travel from Indonesia, such as a return flight ticket. Before booking your flight, please review the detailed information below. It is worth noting that more airlines are gradually reinstating Bali into their schedules.

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Required Documents for Entering Bali

Bali entry requirements (source: pexels)
Bali entry requirements 2023 (source: pexels)

Besides the entry requirements for Bali, another important thing about Bali travel requirements 2023 is preparing related documents. Below is a list of the documents required for traveling to Bali:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. B211A E-Visa (or cash or credit cards if obtaining Indonesia Visa on Arrival, available at select international airports). You may check the details about Bali e-Visa.
  3. Return or onward ticket indicating the departure date from Bali
  4. Full Vaccination Status (in English) and relevant documents in English for passengers aged 17 and above
    • Note: Children under 18 are not required to provide proof of vaccination
  5. PCR test is no longer mandatory for fully vaccinated travelers to enter Bali, although airlines may have varying requirements concerning PCR tests.
  6. To comply with requirements, travelers must register on the SATUSEHAT App and provide travel information through the Indonesia electronic health alert card app, known as International e-HAC.
  7. Completion of the Electronic Custom Declaration upon arrival
  8. The certified hotel will oversee the management of the Quarantine Precision App during your stay.

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Step-by-step Guide for Traveling to Bali

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to travel to Bali and the requirements to enter Bali:

  1. Application

    • Check the current visa requirements and apply for an e-visa if necessary. You can rely on InvestinAsia’s services for simpler Indonesia Visa Application.
    • Ensure that your passport is valid for travel.
  2. Pre-departure

    • Apply for a B211A E-Visa or prepare cash or credit cards for obtaining Visa on Arrival if applicable.
    • Undergo a Covid-19 PCR test if required by your airline.
    • Register on the SATUSEHAT App and provide your travel information through the Indonesia Electronic Health Alert Card app.
    • Fill in the Electronic Custom Declaration if you are arriving in Bali.
    • Quarantine Precision App will be handled at the certified hotel.

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  3. Check-In

    • Present the required documents to the officials at the airport during check-in.
  4. On Arrival

    • Adhere to the health protocol guidelines set by the Government and provide the necessary documents to the officials upon arrival at the airport.
    • Ensure that you have downloaded the SATUSEHAT app and completed the Indonesian e-HAC.
  5. Stay in Bali

    These are some travel regulations and requirements if you want to stay in Bali:

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Please note that the provided information is based on the latest available data and regulations. It is essential to stay updated and follow any additional Bali entrance requirements or changes implemented by the authorities.


You may also check the details about Bali visa for specific countries:

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