The Difference between KITAS and KITAP in Indonesia

The Difference between KITAS and KITAP in Indonesia

When it comes to stay permit in Indonesia, two common terms that often arise are KITAS and KITAP. These refer to different types of residence permits issued by the Indonesian government. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the definition of KITAS and KITAP, highlight the differences between KITAS vs KITAP, discuss eligibility criteria, and shed light on the KITAS to KITAP conversion process.

Definition of KITAS and KITAP

KITAS, which stands for Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas, is an Indonesian limited stay permit. It is typically granted to foreign nationals who intend to work, study, or stay with family in Indonesia for a certain period. The KITAS is valid for one year and can be extended based on the purpose of stay. (Read more about What is KITAS in Indonesia)

On the other hand, KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap), refers to a permanent stay permit in Indonesia. It is issued to foreign nationals who have resided in the country for a considerable period and meet specific criteria. The KITAP grants the holder the right to stay and work in Indonesia without the need for regular extensions.

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KITAP vs KITAS: What’s the Difference?

The Difference between KITAS and KITAP in Indonesia (source: Pexels)
The Difference between KITAS and KITAP in Indonesia (source: Pexels)

The main difference between KITAS and KITAP lies in their duration and the level of flexibility they offer. KITAS is a limited stay permit, while KITAP can be used as a permanent stay permit. With a KITAS, foreign nationals are required to renew their permit annually, whereas KITAP holders enjoy the privilege of staying in Indonesia indefinitely without the need for regular extensions.

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Who is Eligible for KITAS and KITAP?


  • Employees

    Foreign nationals who have secured employment in Indonesia and possess the necessary work permits.

  • Students

    International students enrolled in educational institutions in Indonesia.
    Dependents: Individuals who are accompanying family members holding valid residence permits.

  • Investors

    Foreign investors who are actively involved in their investment ventures in Indonesia.


  • KITAS holders

    Foreign nationals who have lived in Indonesia under a KITAS for a specified period and meet the requirements for permanent residency.

  • Individuals with Indonesian Spouse

    Foreign nationals married to Indonesian citizens may be eligible for KITAP.

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KITAS to KITAP Conversion

The Difference between KITAS and KITAP in Indonesia (source: Pexels)
The Difference between KITAS and KITAP in Indonesia (source: Pexels)

For those holding a KITAS and wishing to convert it to a KITAP, there is a specific process to follow. The conversion is subject to meeting certain requirements, such as having resided in Indonesia continuously for a specified period, demonstrating good behavior, and fulfilling the financial criteria set by the immigration authorities. Additionally, applicants must provide relevant supporting documents and undergo an interview as part of the conversion process.

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Applying for an Indonesian Residence Permit

Navigating the complex process of obtaining a KITAS or KITAP can be overwhelming. InvestinAsia is here to help simplify the Indonesia KITAS/KITAP application process and provide expert guidance.

We also provide reliable, trustworthy and comprehensive Indonesia visa services, including Business Visa, Tourist Visa, Dependent Visa, Spouse Visa, Investor Visa, Work Visa, KITAS, along with guidance on application procedures and expert advice to help you navigate the complexities of the visa application process with confidence.

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Conclusion on KITAP vs KITAS in Indonesia

Understanding the differences between KITAS and KITAP is crucial when considering a long-term stay in Indonesia. While KITAS is a limited stay permit, KITAP offers permanent residency. Eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of permit sought.

If you currently hold a KITAS and wish to convert it to a KITAP, the conversion process involves meeting specific requirements and providing necessary documents. InvestinAsia is ready to guide you through the visa application process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Contact us today for personalized assistance.

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