Working in Indonesia as a Foreigner: A Complete Guide

Work in Indonesia for foreigners

Indonesia, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant heritage, stands as a captivating nation steeped in culture and history. It is also a popular destination for foreigners who want to work abroad. If you are planning to work in Indonesia, there are a few things you need to know about how to work in Indonesia, the work culture and the requirements for foreign workers.

Can a Foreigner Get a Job in Indonesia?

First question, can foreigners work in Indonesia? Yes, foreigners can get a job in Indonesia. There are many companies that hiring foreigners in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to acquaint oneself with certain guidelines and rules that must be observed. The policy that regulates foreign workers in Indonesia is the Government Regulation No. 34 of 2021 on the Use of Foreign Workers. This regulation sets out the requirements for foreign workers to obtain a work visa and work permit in Indonesia.

How Many Foreigners Work in Indonesia?

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Labour (Kementerian Ketenagakerjaan Republik Indonesia) there are over more than one hundred thousand foreign workers in Indonesia by 2022. The majority of these workers are from China and other countries like India and the Philippines.

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What is the Best Job in Indonesia for Foreign Workers?

Work in Indonesia (source:pexels)
Work in Indonesia (source:pexels)

There are many different jobs available for foreigners in Indonesia. Some of the best jobs for foreigners include:

  • Teaching English

    There is a high demand for English teachers in Indonesia. If you are a native English speaker with a teaching qualification, you should be able to find a job easily.

  • IT

    The IT sector is growing rapidly in Indonesia. There is a high demand for IT professionals, such as software engineers and web developers, made it as one of the best job for foreigner in Indonesia.

  • Business

    There are many opportunities for foreigners to work in the business sector in Indonesia. If you have experience in a particular industry, you should be able to find a job or even build your own business.

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Where is the Best City to Work in Indonesia for Foreigners?

Some of the best cities to work in Indonesia for foreigners include:

  • Jakarta

    Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and the largest city in the country. There are many job opportunities in Jakarta, and the city is well-connected to other parts of Indonesia.

  • Surabaya

    Surabaya, situated on the island of Java, proudly claims the title of Indonesia’s second-largest city. Surabaya is a major commercial center and has a growing IT sector.

  • Bali

    Bali is a popular tourist destination and is home to many foreign businesses. There are many job opportunities in the tourism industry in Bali.

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What is the Average Expat Salary in Indonesia?

The average expat salary in Indonesia is around IDR 20 million per month (USD $1,300). However, the salary range can vary depending on your skills and experience.

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How is the Work Culture in Indonesia?

The work culture in Indonesia is a mix of traditional and modern values. It is a hierarchical society, and respect for elders and superiors is important. However, there is also a strong emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.

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How to Find a Job in Indonesia for Foreigners?

Work in Indonesia (source:pexels)
Work in Indonesia (source:pexels)

There are a few ways to find a job in Indonesia for foreigners. You can:

  • Contact international companies that have offices in Indonesia
  • Search online job boards
  • Contact recruitment agencies
  • Network with people who live in Indonesia.

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Is it Hard to Get a Job in Indonesia for Foreigners?

It can be hard to get a job in Indonesia for foreigners, but it is not impossible. If you are qualified for the job and you have a good network, you should be able to find a job.

Do I Need a Degree to Work in Indonesia?

A degree is not always required to work in Indonesia. However, it can be helpful if you have a degree in a field that is in demand.

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What are the Requirements for Working in Indonesia as a Foreigner?

So, how to work in Indonesia? To work in this country, you’ll need to have a valid passport and a health certificate. You may also need to have a police clearance certificate from your home country.

Other than that, you will need to obtain a work visa before you can start working in Indonesia. You can apply for a work visa at the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your home country.

If you are looking for help with the Indonesia work visa application process, you can also use the services of InvestInAsia. As a company that specializes in helping foreigners obtain work visas in Indonesia, we will take care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy of Indonesia visa application for you, so you can focus on your new job in Indonesia.

If you have any questions about working and staying in Indonesia for foreigners, please feel free to chat with us. We would be happy to help you with the work visa process.

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