About IIA

Indonesia's corporate specialist with global standards.


Vision & Mission

Elevating the standards of corporate governance in Indonesia .

At InvestinAsia, we aspire to become Indonesia's premier corporate services firm, elevating the standards of corporate governance everywhere we operate.

We are active in Indonesian markets especially Jakarta and Bali, where it is difficult to find corporate services firms offering the same high standards and responsiveness as it is in the more mainstream locations.

Strong and Proven Gov't Agencies Relationship

  • IBM
  • DBS
  • founder-institute
  • gk pnp
  • dongguk
  • singhav
  • dtac

Brand values

Our beliefs unlock true potential.


Our local knowledge of complex Indonesia markets is unparalleled. But we get the big picture, too — with a global perspective that will help your business interests prosper.


We help you navigate the most complex aspects of operating throughout Indonesia. Applying speed and dexterity to win you success, our reliability eases anxiety and stress in your operations.


Innovative thinking and new technology are what make InvestInAsia different. Everything we do is geared to serve you and accelerate your business.


Across Indonesia markets or in our own teams, working with you and for you, we believe combined efforts give the best outcome.


It’s emotional intelligence that really sets us apart, thanks to deep roots country-by-country. Driving your business forward with fairness and humility.

IIA team

Meet the people behind InvestinAsia.

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