Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do foreigners do business in Indonesia?

    A company in Indonesia may not be owned just by one person. So, in order to do business in Indonesia, they need a partner to set up a company.

  • What should I prepare to set up a company?

    Once the foreigners have at least 1 partner and decide their business, they can register their company with just their passports.

  • Do we need an Indonesian partner?

    Since G20 2022, Indonesia has relaxed and allow foreigners to have full ownership of many businesses so there will be no issue with Indonesian partners.

  • I want to live in Indonesia, how can I get the permit?

    To live in Indonesia, there are several ways. The two most favourites are by having an Investor KITAS or with a second home visa. We can assist you in applying for both.

  • Do I need to bring in a lot of money to live in Indonesia?

    Each of the permits have different requirements, if you are an investor of a company, you need to only show the company bank account balance.

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