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KPPA / Representative Office Set Up Service in Indonesia

As one of the leading KPPA or Representative Office services in Indonesia, our aim is to make it as easy for foreign business owners to do business here. So, why not contact us for your Indonesia Representative Office set up today?

Our Packages

Representative Office Set Up

Representative Office Set Up

IDR 16,800,000 (USD 1,200)

Average Timeline: 2 weeks

Includes :

  • Representative Office Permit
  • Register the Representative Office with the Directorate General of Taxes to obtain Taxpayer ID (NPWP)
  • Representative Office Registration Number

Representative Office Set Up + Virtual Office

Representative Office Set Up + Virtual Office

Start from
IDR 25,000,000
(USD 1,620)

Average Timeline: 2 weeks

Include :

  • Representative Office Permit
  • Register the Representative Office with the Directorate General of Taxes to obtain Taxpayer ID (NPWP)
  • Representative Office Registration Number

You’ll also get

  • Prestigious Business Address
  • Mail and Parcels Handling
  • SMS or Email Notification
  • Reception Service
  • Building Domicile
  • Dedicated Local Telephone Number (optional)
  • Professional Call Answering (optional)
  • Call Forwarding (optional)
  • 8 hours Meeting Room / month (optional)
  • 8 hours Workstation / month (optional)
  • 3 hours Executive Office Suite / month (optional)

Along with these, we can also help you with other services such as:

Accounting and Tax Compliance Service :

Start from IDR 3,000,000 (USD 200)/month

Work Permit (KITAS non investor) :

IDR 20,000,000 (USD 1,295)/person
Exclude USD 1,200 per year & USD 150 government fee

KITAS Investor :

IDR 28,000,000 (USD 1,810)/person
Exclude USD 150 Gov't fee

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Companies who have trusted us when they first expanded their business into Indonesia .

Very good impressions, made us easily got what we want in one time and one place. First off all we think that we have to communicate with many related functions, but with Investinasia.id then we just directly stright in one line and completed. Well Done.

Moch Rizal

Fast response by professional and friendly consultants. Profound details for each services. Highly recommended to boost up and legalize your businesses

Finna Derosa

The services is professional, communicative, transparant, as a customer, only need to prepare the document and folow the instruction. Very very very satisfied.


Great professional service from Investinasia.id, they are responsible and accountable, they did what they spoke (integrity), very kind and polite. In short, they are PROfessional.

Mike FN

The service from the start of registering to the end was provided very well and the response was fast, the explanations given were also well explained. Thank you for the excellent service. Keep up the good work, thx.

Fitria Nurjanah

Good. Suitable for those who are lazy and complicated and who don't know how to make pt. So it's more practical, you just need to be patient waiting for the chat to be answered, because of the queue.

Karen Kie

  • What is a Representative Office?

    A foreign representative office is a formation or entity that a foreign company uses to engage in market supervision, networking, investigating business chances, or offering other managerial needs in Indonesia to the holding company overseas.

    The representative office is a perfect way for foreign investors to explore business opportunities in Indonesia. Although there is no restriction on hiring foreigners, a representative office is obligated to recruit Indonesian workers. A representative office is also limited to non-profitmaking activities.

    In Indonesia, a representative office also called KPPA (Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Asing). KPPAs are regulated by the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and governed by specific guidelines and provisions.

  • What are the Advantages of Setting Up a Representative Office in Indonesia?

    These are the benefits or advantages of setting up a representative / KPPA in Indonesia:

    Low Incorporation Cost

    As mentioned earlier, FRO is a great way to enter the Indonesian market at a low cost. FRO helps foreign companies to comprehend the market.

    Visa Support

    One of the great things about having FRO in Indonesia is that foreign investors or foreign employees can have residence and work permits. They can perform business activities as business visa sponsors for business partners.

    Organizational Structure

    FRO can act as an alternative for employers with a more adaptable organizational chart. Here, FRO only requires one chief executive.

    100% Foreign Ownership

    FRO is a hundred percent owned and controlled by a foreign company. Shareholders and directors are not needed.

  • What are the Types of Representative Offices in Indonesia?

    Today, there are four types of Representative Offices in Indonesia. What are they?

    Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Asing (KPPA) or Foreign Representative Office (FRO)

    Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Perdagangan Asing (KP3A) or Representative Office for a Foreign Trading Company (TRO)

    Badan Usaha Jasa Konstruksi Asing (BUJKA) or Representative Office for a foreign construction company

    Jasa Penunjang Tenaga Listrik Asing (JPTLA) or Representative Office for a foreign electricity company

  • What are the Allowed Activities for KPPA / Representative Office in Indonesia?

    These are the activities you can do with a KPPA or representative office in Indonesia:

    Market Research and Analysis

    Promotional and Marketing Activities

    Networking and Relationship Building

    Liaison with Local Authorities

  • What are the Requirements for Setting Up Representative Office in Indonesia?

    In accordance with the guidelines for representative office operations in Indonesia provided by the Decree of the Head of BKPM No. 6 of 2018, in order to open a foreign representative office, the parent company must first obtain a Letter of Approval from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) as the primary license. Additionally, a representative office must obtain a Business Identification Number (NIB) from the Online Single Submission (OSS) and a Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP) from the Tax Office.

    The required essential to obtain the following permissions or licenses are as follows:

    1. Letter of appointment from the parent company
    2. Letter of Intent from the parent company
    3. Power of Attorney to sign the application if the participant is represented by another party
    4. Letter of Reference from the Indonesian Embassy or Indonesian Investment Promotion Centre (IIPC) where the parent company is located
    5. Articles of Association of the parent company and any amendment(s)
    6. Copy of valid passport (for foreigner) or copy of identification card number (for Indonesia) who will be proposed as a Representative Office Executive
    7. Letter of statement concerning the willingness to stay, and only work in the position as a Representative Office Executive without doing other business in Indonesia
  • How to Setting Up a Representative Office / KPPA in Indonesia?

    1. Prepare Foreign Company’s Legal Documents

    The documents you need to prepare are the Article of Association (ACRA), Business License, Scan Passport of the Director. In addition, a legalized of Letter of Intent, Letter of Statement, Letter of Appointment and Letter of Reference issued by the embassy in the country of origin has to be attached.

    2. Prepare your Chief of Representative Office

    The Chief of Representative Office can be a local Indonesian citizen or a foreigner who holds work permit. A scan of passport and photo of the Chief are to be prepared before registration.

    3. Registration to the Investment Coordinating Board

    Once all the requirements are complete, all documents has to be submitted to the Investment Coordinating Board to get the Representative Office.

    4. Tax Registration

    All company documents that have been issued up to this step has to be submitted to the Tax Office for the issuance of the Company Tax ID card.

    5. Obtaining a Business Registration Number

    Once your Representative Office gets the tax registration, we can apply for a Business Registration Number for you to finally able to conduct your research, open a bank account, and hire employees.

    6. ADDITIONAL : Opening Company Bank Account

    For convenience purpose, you can also open a company bank account with your Representative Office to pay salaries, rents and other expenses that might occurred.

Fast KPPA / Representative Office Registration

With our services, we can help you incorporate your business in Indonesia even without you stepping foot in Indonesia or our office. The usual turnaround for company incorporation in Indonesia is 2 weeks.

Need help?

Fast KPPA / Representative Office Registration.

With InvestinAsia KPPA / Representative Office set up service, we can help you incorporate your business in Indonesia even without you stepping foot in Indonesia or our office. The usual turn around for KPPA establishment in Indonesia is 2 weeks.

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