Marketing Strategy Suits for Gen Z and Millenials

Marketing Strategy Suits for Gen Z and Millenials

Indonesia is dominated by productive age groups, this is what makes Gen Z and millennials the biggest target market in industries. Generation Z was born around 1995 and after. Their presence is exactly after the Millennial generation, and both have similar characteristics.

Gen Z is the generation most attached to the internet. With such a massive spread across Indonesia and an incredible appetite to spend online, executing a sound Gen Z and millennials marketing strategy could reap benefits for your business.

Here are the key takeaways that you can add to your business marketing strategy that suits Gen Z and Millenials.

  1. Sell the Experience, Not Just the Products

    Gen Z and millennials have been familiar with the internet world from an early age. That’s why they are immune to various types of hard-selling ad products. Gen Z and millennials want more than just products. They want to have a different experience when getting and using a product.

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  1. Mobile Friendly

    Gen Z and Millenials are known to be attached to the internet. So, the right marketing strategy for them is to make all your promotional activities mobile-friendly. Because the key to stealing their attention is from the first 8 seconds.
  2. Create an Engaging Social Media

    Social media has an important role in Gen Z and millennials purchasing decisions. All the initial information about a product is almost always what they get from social media. Therefore, social media is currently one of the marketing channels that is considered effective for targeting Gen Z and Millenials. Create interesting posts for Instagram story content so that they want to comment, give likes, and follow your account.

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  1. Use Influencer

    Using influencer services on social media is a good marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be influencers with millions of followers, micro-influencers can be an effective way to get their attention.
  2. Leverage QR Code Marketing

    QR codes became hugely popular during the pandemic and now marketers leverage them for all sorts of creative advertising. What makes QR code marketing unique is its ability to combine traditional and digital marketing. Place QR codes in strategic locations where they’re bound to grab the attention of millennials. When a user scans one, the QR code takes them online, and from there you can gather all sorts of data that’ll allow you to retarget them with digital ads.

So that products can captivate consumers, you need to know the characteristics they have. That’s why the marketing strategy that you do may be different for each generation.

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