Top 10 Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia

Top 10 Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia (source:pexels)

In the age of digital transformation, e-commerce in Indonesia has taken the country by storm, with millions of users turning to online platforms for their shopping needs. In this article, we will delve into the dynamic world of e-commerce in Indonesia, exploring the biggest e-commerce companies in Indonesia, their unique offerings, and what sets them apart in this rapidly growing market in 2023.

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  1. Shopee

    Top 10 Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia: Shopee (source:pexels)
    Top 10 Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia: Shopee (source:pexels)

    Shopee, the brainchild of a Singaporean e-commerce giant, made its debut in 2015 and quickly rose to prominence. It boasts the title of the most visited e-commerce in Indonesia in 2023, with an astounding 150 million monthly visitors.

    Shopee’s appeal lies in its extensive product range, which includes electronics, fashion, home goods, and more.

    Additionally, its reputation for offering competitive prices and frequent promotions has solidified its position as the top e-commerce company in Indonesia.

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  2. Tokopedia

    Founded in 2009, Tokopedia stands as Indonesia’s homegrown e-commerce platform and the second most popular choice among online shoppers, with over 120 million monthly visitors. What sets Tokopedia apart is its user-friendly interface and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.

    The platform offers a wide variety of products, catering to the diverse needs of its users, making it a contender for the title of biggest e-commerce in Indonesia.

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  3. Lazada

    Alibaba-backed Lazada entered the Indonesian market in 2011 and has since secured the third position in the e-commerce hierarchy with more than 100 million monthly visitors. Lazada’s strengths lie in its rapid delivery times and an extensive network of offline stores, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for its users. It’s undoubtedly one of the popular e-commerce companies in Indonesia.

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  4. Blibli

    Established in 2011, Blibli takes pride in its focus on quality and customer service. With over 80 million monthly visitors, it stands as the fourth most popular e-commerce company in Indonesia.

    Blibli is a prime example of an e-commerce company in Indonesia that prioritizes customer satisfaction and is considered among the top e-commerce companies by many.

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  5. Bukalapak

    Top 10 Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia: Bukalapak (source:pexels)
    Top 10 Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia: Bukalapak (source:pexels)

    Bukalapak has carved its niche in the market by championing social commerce and supporting small businesses. With more than 70 million monthly visitors, it secures the fifth spot among popular e-commerce companies in Indonesia.

    Bukalapak’s commitment to inclusivity and its diverse product offerings have resonated with a broad user base, cementing its position among the biggest e-commerce companies.

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  6. JD.ID

    JD.ID, a joint venture between and Provident Capital Partners, entered the Indonesian e-commerce scene in 2015. With over 60 million monthly visitors, it claims the sixth position.

    JD.ID distinguishes itself through its extensive product selection and rapid delivery services, making it a noteworthy e-commerce company in Indonesia.

    Unfortunately, JD.ID officially closed its services on March 31, 2023. This came after the company announced in January 2023 that it would be discontinuing its operations in Indonesia and Thailand.

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  7. Orami

    Orami, founded in 2013, specializes in mother and baby products and ranks as the seventh most popular e-commerce platform in Indonesia, with over 50 million monthly visitors. Orami is a prime choice for parents, showcasing its unique role in the e-commerce Indonesia landscape.

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  8. Zalora

    Top 10 Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia: Zalora (source:pexels)
    Top 10 Biggest E-commerce Companies in Indonesia: Zalora (source:pexels)

    Zalora, founded in 2012, operates as an online fashion retailer across Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. With over 40 million monthly visitors, it secures the eighth position in the market. Zalora appeals to young adults and fashion enthusiasts with its trendy offerings, carving out a place among the top e-commerce companies in Indonesia.

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  9. MatahariMall

    MatahariMall, owned by Matahari Department Store, entered the e-commerce arena in 2015. With over 30 million monthly visitors, it stands as the ninth most popular e-commerce company in Indonesia.

    MatahariMall offers a wide array of products, aligning with its parent company’s reputation for quality and variety. This makes it a significant player in e-commerce Indonesia.

  10. Bhinneka

    Bhinneka is a B2B e-commerce marketplace in Indonesia that provides IT, MRO, office equipment, and services for corporates, SMEs, and the government. It was founded in 1993 as a distributor of large-format printing machines, and it launched its e-commerce platform in 1999.

    Bhinneka is one of the oldest and most trusted e-commerce marketplaces in Indonesia. It offers a wide range of products and services from over 30,000 brands, and it has a strong customer base of over 1 million businesses.

In conclusion, the e-commerce landscape in Indonesia is thriving, with a variety of players offering unique advantages to consumers. From the market leader Shopee, with its incredible popularity and affordability, to homegrown champions like Tokopedia, the choices are abundant for Indonesian shoppers. Each platform has its own strengths, making the e-commerce Indonesia experience diverse and exciting in 2023.

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