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Live & Work in Bali or anywhere in Indonesia for as long as you want with our PT PMA + Business Visa + KITAS package.

You can now have the highly regarded and most recognized Visa and Work Permit to live and work in Indonesia through our Foreign Company Incorporation + Business Visa + Work Permit package.

The Requirement

What is the requirement to set up a PT PMA that qualify to sponsor your Business Visa and Work Permit.


The PT PMA should have a paid up capital of IDR10 billion.

No proof of fund is required to incorporate your PT PMA or to obtain KITAS

The PT PMA must have at least 2 shareholders.


The PT PMA should engage in a business that is considered low to medium risk.

You must appoint a Director and a Commissioner for your company.

Both positions can be held by foreigner.

What's included?

All Inclusive PT PMA + Business Visa + Work Permit Package.

PT PMA Set Up.

100% Foreign ownership allowed
  • Company Name Check & Reservation
  • Drafting of Article of Association by Public Notary (AKTA Notaris)
  • Submission of AKTA to Ministry of Law and Human Rights (SK Kemkumham)
  • Approval and collection of your Company Incorporation (PT PMA) documents from SK Kemkumham
  • Register your Company with the Tax Office
  • Collection of NPWP (Company Tax Number)
  • Registration and Collection of your OSS License Izin Usaha
  • Registration and Collection of your OSS- NIB (Nomor Induk Berusaha)

1 year Gov't Approved Virtual Office.

  • Business address for your business
  • Receive mails on your behalf
  • Notify you of new mails and mail storage
  • Access to 8 hours meeting room per month around Indonesia
  • Executive Assistant support for your business

Bank Account Opening Supporting Documents.

  • Minutes of meeting for Bank Account Opening
  • Complete set of necessary company documents for bank account opening
  • VIP liaison officer at the Bank

Business Visa.

  • Business Visa Application at the immigration
  • Collection of your Business Visa
  • VIP liaison officer at the immigration

Work Permit (KITAS) for 1 person for 2 years.

  • Preparation of all documents to apply for your KITAS
  • Submission of your personal and company documents to the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration
  • Collection of your KITAS
  • VIP liaison officer at the immigration and Ministry of Manpower during your visit

Accounting & Tax Reporting (3 months).

  • Monthly bookkeeping service
  • End of month financial report (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)

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This PT PMA & Business Visa + KITAS package allows you to stay in Bali or anywhere in Indonesia for 2 years with unlimited travels.

How much is PT PMA + Business Visa + KITAS package?

Only Rp58,500,000 (USD3,750)

Inclusive of all professional, legal, gov't and incidental fees.

How long does it take until I can get my KITAS?

  1. Day 1

    Data Collection from you.

  2. Day 2

    Preparation of your Article of Association by Public Notary (AKTA Notaris).

  3. Day 3 or 4

    You'll need to come into our office to sign your AKTA in front of the Notary.

  4. Day 4 or 5

    Submission of your PT PMA application and AKTA for approval.

  5. Day 12

    Collection of your approved PT PMA documents.

  6. Day 13

    Preparation of your Bank Account Opening documents.

  7. Day 14

    Proceed to the Bank to open your Company Bank Account.

    Submission of your personal and company information for your KITAS application.

  8. Day 21 — Your KITAS is ready.

    Proceed to the immigration office to have your photo and fingerprint taken for your KITAS.

How to proceed with PT PMA + Business Visa + KITAS package?

All we need from you is:


The passport copy of all the shareholders

Minimum 2 copies


The shareholding composition of each shareholder

Share %


Who will be the Director and the Commissioner

We recommend the person who are actively running the business and will reside in Indonesia most of the time to be the Director.


3 options of your Company Name

Must consist of 3 English words.


Your primary business.

A brief description on what your company do.

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The Reasons

Why InvestinAsia.

Investinasia is part of vOffice and IZIN Group — the largest virtual office and company incorporation provider in Indonesia as well as a G20 partner.

Our legal and accounting team consist of members who have previously worked for the top accounting firm in the country as well as ex government supervisory board therefore you can be sure we have the latest and best access to the ground offices to assist you with your application.

Companies that we have assisted to set up in Indonesia.

Testimonials from Founders.

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    image Thank you so much for being so concise and straight forward with your explaination. We got our KITAS after 15 days. Thats amazing! Highy recommended
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    Listco Web


    Love how you make a complicated thing so simple. We love how combined all the necessities into 1 simple package and price. We got our KITAS and PT PMA setup within the stipulated time.

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    Love & Lust


    We are thankful of your service. We got our KITAS faster than expected. Appreciate your truthful explaination

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